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Merckens melting wafers for chocolate molding, dipping, and eating. If using in a fountain refer to the fountain manual for required amount of oil necessary.

If you have any other question regarding the melting process or the chocolate making process feel free to send us any questions, we will happy to help!

gluten free

Merckens Chocolate Case

  • While melting, if using a microwave melt in intervals of 10 seconds and mixing in between, for smoother consistancy add paramount crystals(highly recommended for white and colored chocolate). For stovetop or double-boiler methods melt at 110F° don't boil the water and don't leave on burner, it will cause the chocolate to thicken. 

  • If ordering during warmer weather please keep in mind that the chocolate may melt during the shipping process and will no longer be in disc form. This will not effect the quality of the chocolate and you will be able to remelt it and continue your chocolate making.

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